Timeline of Critical Incidents.

January/February 2018-

Started researching what ‘Connected Learning’ entails.

March 2018-

Started researching blogs and their associated tools.

Developed an understanding of ‘Connected Learning Environments’ related to Ito et al. (2013).

Joined Twitter. Gradually added new individuals to follow and gradually gathered new followers.


Tweets 3 Following 5 Followers 2





April 2018-

Set up my blog ‘Phonics: the key to successful reading’

23/4 researched new hashtags. Added new hashtags and slowly followed new members and gathered new followers. Blog Response 1Became confident enough to comment on other professional’s blogs.

29/4 added Pinterest.

Tweets 12 Following10  Followers 3

Twitter 3


May 2018-

Continued adding to my blog. #decodablereaders

Became more involved in Twitter. Searched for large businesses and individuals to follow.

13/5 main blog completed

Infographic added to Twitter

5 info

No response for infographic. Maybe due to time posted.

Tweets22 Following19 Followers5


June 2018-

 Began to connect my blog to my twitter account.


Twitter 2



Tweets101  Following39  Followers17


Responding to other blogs with new confidence in my viewpoint.Twitterdeck2Tweetlast

Dave Ayer one difficult man to win over in terms of the value of phonics instruction but we did. 🙂


Discovered TweetDeck.

A new research paper reinforcing the crucial role phonics plays in early reading instruction was just published. A great conclusion for those of us passionate about phonics instruction.

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