About Me



I am a mother of 3 children; an early childhood teacher and a primary school tutor, passionate about reading and most importantly passionate about every child having the opportunity to become a successful reader.

Throughout my teaching and tutoring career I have found myself spending most of my literacy remediation time revising phonics through explicit systematic phonics instruction. Phonics is not only the base for success reading but also an area currently not prioritized or taught well in schools.

Having lived rural for 22 years and worked as a relief teacher and tutor I have always felt very isolated professionally.  In 2016 I felt the need to begin my own journey towards professional learning as PD opportunities are rarely offered to me as an itinerant teacher working across many different schools.

This desire for professional development is what encouraged me to begin my Master of Education online. One of my first subjects was ‘Reading and Writing Difficulties’ and it was through this course that my own observations on the importance of explicit systematic phonics teaching was verified.

Now eighteen months later, one of my current subjects, ‘Connected Learning’ has been the perfect opportunity to take the time to setup my very own Professional development opportunities through the development of my Professional Learning Network. (PLN).

This blog forms part of that journey of finding my PLN through the internet connecting through Blogs and Twitter.

Welcome, I hope that I can help you to be inspired.     🙂

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