Timeline of Critical Incidents. January/February 2018- Started researching what 'Connected Learning’ entails. March 2018- Started researching blogs and their associated tools. Developed an understanding of ‘Connected Learning Environments’ related to Ito et al. (2013). Joined Twitter. Gradually added new individuals to follow and gradually gathered new followers. #explicitsystematicphonicsinstruction Tweets 3 Following 5 Followers 2     …

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Connected Learning- The ‘internet’ providing us with web 2.0 platforms has made a dramatic impact on our learning opportunities in terms of time and place (Trust, Krutka & Carpenter, 2016). We now have access to information that we can locate from any given hour from any given place, to enable us to pursue our personal …

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The Value of Synthetic Phonics

Reading and writing are essential skills for every adult however it is apparent that even in these modern times there are many children who are still missing out on this learning opportunity. Literacy relates closely to socioeconomics and early lack of language greatly effecets reading development. Stephen Machin, Sandra McNally, and Martina Viarengo*in 2018 reaaffirm

Phonological awareness

A hierarchy of phonological awareness skills Rhythm Rhyme Onset and rime Phonemic awareness  Isolation  Blending  Segmentation  Manipulation Konza, D (2011). Research into Practice: Phonological Awareness. Government of South Australia, Department of Education and Children’s Services: Literacy Secretariat.

About Me

  I am a mother of 3 children; an early childhood teacher and a primary school tutor, passionate about reading and most importantly passionate about every child having the opportunity to become a successful reader. Throughout my teaching and tutoring career I have found myself spending most of my literacy remediation time revising phonics through …

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Today, technology can connect a learner with virtually any topic that they are interested in and connect them with others who share that same interest (Maul et al, 2016). This approach to education is called ‘connected learning’ whereby education is evolving into a state of connectedness where we are connecting with services, systems, experiences, resources …

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